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Systems & Platforms

DLS Marketing System helps dental laboratories centralize their marketing. Our technology and fulfillment services seamlessly work together under one platform, enabling dental labs to effortlessly create, manage, and customize, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

LabCell Software

Allows our clients to centralize & manage multi-channel marketing campaigns within a comprehensive system

Creative Platform

Helps clients seamlessly route and track job status, hours, review and approval of designs all from a single platform

Data Management System

Our systems scrub email or mailing lists, complete fields, check against compliance regulations and remove opt-out names

Email Marketing Platform

One powerful tool that gives you the ability to manage, automate and customize your entire email based marketing programs

Market Tester System

Helps lab marketing departments to facilitate customer surveys and market research

Marketing Platform System

create, manage, customize, multi-channel marketing campaigns all in one place

How can DLS help your dental lab grow?

We provide you with a platform for creating sales, marketing and lead generation campaigns. We will help & support you by increasing the number of clients serviced, and the case volumes of existing clients. Through our continual active process and use of technology, we can help expand your brand recognition and generate qualified leads to grow your sales pipeline.

Marketing campaigns require a unique infrastructure to operate at their full potential. Our goal is to help develop your labs marketing department & support your sales efforts. We implement structural systems to build an effective and efficient marketing strategy. Our data driven concept allows us to organize your marketing department, giving you a 360 degree view.




LabCell Software

LabCell lets you analyze complex data with complete agility. From easy data preparation to beautiful dashboards and interactive analytics, LabCell gives your Dental Lab a simple way to manage, analyze and visualize all your data.

Notifications Service

All notifications and messages in one place

Visitors Analytics

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Record Phone Calls

Call recording makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service.

Call Tracking Everywhere

Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns

Map Reports

You can display contacts data as a geographical map

Many Tools

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How to get started?

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    Choose the membership that best fits your lab’s marketing needs.

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    Consult with our experts about your marketing goals, timelines, & agenda. We then create a customized marketing plan.

  • 3


    We get to work implementing your marketing plan, & start your campaign.

Lead Generation Power Package

Designed to build your sales pipeline

The DLS Lead Generation service is an intelligent combination of digital marketing software and dedicated marketing services. It’s extremely affordable, powerful and full-service. It’s everything you need to generate sales and grow your brand.

Develop, Nurture, and Grow your Sales Pipeline with Dental Lab Support’s Lead Generation Campaigns.

Membership Types

As a DLS member, you’ll get unlimited access to our vast members-only resources, marketing tools and content.

Dental Lab Sales Platform

Includes: Marketing Software

  • LabCell CRM Sales Management App
  • Mapped Leads App
  • Membership to Cadmus Dental
  • Consultation With One Year Marketing Plan
  • Exclusive Lab Marketing Articles

Membership add ons:

  • *Website User Heatmaps & Recording (VP)
  • *Campaign Tracking Number *local or 888
Email Marketing Platform

Includes: Dental Lab Sales Platform +

  • Drag & Drop Email Marketing Software
  • Pre-Designed Dental Lab Email Templates
  • Email Recipient Activity Reports
  • Dental Lab Stock Image Downloads
  • 300 Dental Contacts with emails (per qrt)
  • Email Campaign Tracking Number (888)
  • Website User Heat Maps & Recording

Membership add ons:

  • *Landing Page Design For Emails
  • *Dental Office Business Card Data Entry Service
Managed Marketing Services

Includes: Dental Lab Sales Platform, Email Marketing Platform +

  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page User Heat Maps & Recording
  • Custom Graphic Designs for Emails
  • Monthly Email Marketing Campaign Blast
  • Campaign Project Manager
  • Campaign Data Analysis & Reports

Membership add ons:

  • *Social Media Marketing/Posts
  • *Blog Article Writing
  • *Dental Office Business Card Data Entry
  • *High Exposure Postcard Mailing Service
Power Marketing Lead Generation Campaigns

Includes: Dental Lab Sales Platform + Email Marketing Platform + Managed Marketing Services +

  • Monthly Lead Generation Telemarketing Campaign 100
  • High Exposure Postcard Campaign (3 rounds)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Article Writing
  • Follow up Call Campaign
  • Lead Capture 24/7 - Campaign Answering Service

Membership add ons:

  • *250/500/1000 Telemarketing Calls
  • *Business Card Data Entry Service

Marketing Articles

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